The Most Polarizing of Topics

It is often said that you should never discuss religion in any type of social setting, and there is good reason for that.  Religion, among other topics, can be a very tricky subject to discuss with people.  People tend to put a lot of faith in their religion, and there are even those that would die for the greater good of their religion.  If you disagree with what someone believes in, no matter how nice you attempt to say it, more than likely it will fall on deaf ears, and really just come off completely rude.

For many years, religion has been a source of answers for people.  The entity people pray to may change, but the concept stays the same.  Many, if not all, people seek an answer for the single biggest question – why are we here?  For some, it is not a comfortable notion not to understand or know the answer to that question.  Religion offers a solution to that problem by offering the answer, and allowing you to “speak” to the one in charge, in whatever way encouraged.  Religion comes in many different forms, but every single type out there offers the same thing to people – peace of mind.

In recent years, there have been scientific breakthroughs that prove that religion doesn’t exist.  And maybe that is what you believe, and that’s fine.  However, you have to remember that none of us really know.  And maybe you think you know, because you believe in science, and science can actually be proven, but why challenge someone who has faith in another concept than you?

Unless you are being bullied (which does happen) by a religious individual or group, then why bother to break someone’s faith down?  What are they doing to you that is hurting you, by believing what they want to believe?  It is not yours or my duty to “set people straight” when it comes to many things, including religion.  It is actually quite insulting, if you want my opinion.  I believe we should just let well enough alone, and let people believe what they want.  Again, unless you are being bullied, or feel threatened by the actions that a certain religious group is taking, then it’s usually best just to keep your opinion to yourself.  Even if asked.

Everyone has strong opinions, and that is a very good thing.  If you believe in something, you should not let the slightest rocking of the boat shift your opinion.  However, the discussion of what religion is right vs another, or even discussing whether or not religion is real with someone who is a believer is just a waste of time.  If you can have an intelligent discussion with someone, then by all means do so, but for the most part, in mixed company, it might be best just to stay away from that topic altogether.  Most importantly, you have a voice and an opinion to express, and expressing it to the wrong individuals will not really be worth your time.